Roland V-800HD “Power Flex" Bundle

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Purchase a V-800HD from us and you’ll receive 2 VC-1-DL video converters ($1,590 Retail Value) - FREE!The VC-1-DL is a bi-directional SDI/HDMI converter with frame sync and audio delay. 

This live production package provides flexible video input/output options with delay to sync audio and video sources.

Examples showing added flexibility and power

power flex diagram

Place your order with us over the phone (not available for order online) and be sure to mention “Power Flex bundle and Save Promotion" to get two free VC-1-DL’s (a $1,590 retail value).

For questions, please call us at (800) 747-7301.  More information, here

Terms and conditions:
•    Offer valid on purchases from Sept 15th - Nov 30th, 2014.
•    May not be combined with any other promotional offer, financing offer or demo programs.


Free never sounded so good!

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Choir 600Audix will give you a FREE VX5 when you purchase two MicroBoom systems.*

The MicroBoom Series from Audix is able to lift the sound of your choir above the band, and offers a wide selection of pick-up patterns, output levels and frequency responses.

And the mic is just half of the story: the boom arms are made of carbon fiber so they are lightweight, thin and strong.

Available in 50 and 84 inch lengths, the MicroBoom is capable of adjusting to the angle and position you need. It fits in those hard-to-reach places and then disappears so your choir will be seen and heard.

*Offer available October 1 - November 30, 2014 while supplies last.

Buy two MicroBoom Systems (MB5050, MB5050HC, MB5055, MB5055HC, MB8450, MB8450HC, MB8455, MB8455HC) and get a free VX5.

Audix VX5

The VX5 is a multi-purpose, professional vocal condenser microphone designed to duplicate studio quality sound on stage, and it has a smooth and accurate frequency response along with the ability to isolate vocals from the rest of the stage.

When ordering online or on the phone, there's no need to order the VX5 separately.  It will just appear in the box with the MB's, almost like magic.  No limit on the number of free VX5's.  Just order two MB's per free VX5.


How many $100 bills can DPA send you?

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Would you like DPA to send you a Benjamin?  A Benjamin Franklin, that is.  And how many you'll receive is unlimited*.  Of course, there's an asterisk.   

If you knew what you were looking for, you'd realize that most of the headworn microphones that you see on broadcast television and in the largest churches in the country are DPA.  Of course there are other brands, but DPA has a pretty good hold on the higher end of the headworn world.  The d:fine sounds fabulous, it's extraordinarily lightweight and comfortable, and is available in both omnidirectional and cardioid versions, for use in just about any application.  The d:fine sounds  Very transparent, very smooth, very natural. 

And from now through early October 3, 2014, DPA wants you to buy d:fines from us -- as many as you can. 

* Here's how it works.  Buy a DPA d:fine from us, fill out this form, send the form with serial number (along with a new or used headset mic from the listed competitor's models below) for each new DPA d:fine™ Headset Microphone you purchase.  DPA will send you a check for $100 per microphone.

To be eligible, the form, along with proof of purchase and trade-in mic need to be postmarked no later than October 31st, 2014. 

There is no limit to the number of rebates. Offer available for U.S. purchases only. See full terms and conditions here

Order online or get more information here

Read more: How many $100 bills can DPA send you?


Presonus StudioLive Rebates - save $200-500

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SL-AI-Rebate 300x250 6-25-14 jn01Which digital mixer to recommend is a hot topic of discussion around the office. 

Thankfully, there is no way to be right in a definitive sense, since the use of audio gear is at least somewhat subjective.  We're allowed to have preferences and biases, and habits, and it's okay.  So which digital mixer is best for you? 

That's more of a question than this article is equipped to answer, but since Presonus is offering $200-500 savings through the end of August, we thought that you'd like to know what we like about it. 

One of our guys uses a StudioLive 24.4.2 weekly at church and one uses a Behringer X32.  Let's talk about Presonus for now. 

An advantage to the Presonus is that it operates in one layer.  There are not multiple banks of faders with each serving difference purposes.  In this regard, #1 fader is the #1 fader is the #1 fader.  It's not the pastor's fader on one layer, the bass drum on another, the main output level control for a monitor mix on a third, and you get my drift.  Layers allow a console to have more function in less space, but mixing in layers or banks can be confusing.  Anyone who has ever mixed on a console with layers has adjusted something that he or she didn't intend to adjust.  We like the simplicity of the Presonus StudioLive for that reason.  One fader per input - period. 

Add to that the ability to set up each channel for two purposes.  On setting "A", microphone #1 can be the announcement microphone, and on setting "B", microphone #1 can be used by a a solo vocalist with a different equalization, and control. That might offer some level of additional complexity, but allowing the sound tech to push a simple A/B switch to go from announcements to a vocalist is a feature that we like. 

The Presonus StudioLive also offers a suite a SMAART sound system optimization tools, feedback control, iPad and iPhone control, one-click multi-track recording, and integration with Nimbit to instantly upload sermons for immediate distribution on your church's free Nimbit store. 

For mixing, recording, and producing your weekend services and events, the Presonus StudioLive is a powerful, straightforward tool for the job. Please call us for more information and questions, or click here. And save up to $500 through the end of August 2014! 


Behringer - in stock, X32 Compact, X32, and S16 snakes!

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We have them - all in stock, for sale, new in the box, and at the same price as the big stores that are allowed to sell them online. 

Virtually all authorized Behringer dealers are prohibited to feature Behringer products on their websites, let alone to offer you the option to "Buy it Now" or to "Add to Cart".

Right now, we have the brand new X32 Rack, the X32 Compact, the X32 Producer, the X32, and the S16 snakes in stock for immediate shipment, but you have to call us to place your order. 

As a bonus, we'll even set your console up with our free migration service.  Buy any X32 (with or without S16 snake modules) and we'll set up your console for you and give you two hours of one-on-one tech support (on site if in the Columbus, Ohio area) free. 

We think that's service that you'll like (and it's way beyond what other dealers offer); just send us your input list and we'll get started.  And our prices are the same as the other guys.  We just can't tell you what those prices are, unless you call.  So call (800) 747-7301.  We'll both be glad you did!


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