Behringer - in stock, X32 Compact, X32, and S16 snakes!

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We have them - all in stock, for sale, new in the box, and at the same price as the big stores that are allowed to sell them online. 

Virtually all authorized Behringer dealers are prohibited to feature Behringer products on their websites, let alone to offer you the option to "Buy it Now" or to "Add to Cart".

Right now, we have the brand new X32 Rack, the X32 Compact, the X32 Producer, the X32, and the S16 snakes in stock for immediate shipment, but you have to call us to place your order. 

As a bonus, we'll even set your console up with our free migration service.  Buy any X32 (with or without S16 snake modules) and we'll set up your console for you and give you two hours of one-on-one tech support (on site if in the Columbus, Ohio area) free. 

We think that's service that you'll like (and it's way beyond what other dealers offer); just send us your input list and we'll get started.  And our prices are the same as the other guys.  We just can't tell you what those prices are, unless you call.  So call (800) 747-7301.  We'll both be glad you did!


Think Different

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by Mike Sessler,

From what I can gather, one of the traits of most successful people is the ability to try new things. Ability may be the wrong word—we all have the ability to try new things. Perhaps the word I’m looking for is desire. I love to try new things. I’m always on the lookout for some new technology, process, idea, whatever. Along the way, I’ve made some fantastic discoveries.

Sadly, I have also had many conversations that go somewhat like this.

Other Person: So, what kind of PA are you putting in your room?

Me: Bose RoomMatch. We’re pretty excited about it.

OP: Oh, I would never mix on one of those. Terrible.

Me: Really? Have you ever mixed on it?

OP: No.

Me: Have you ever heard it?

OP: No.

Me: Have you even looked into the technology behind it?

OP: No. Bose=bad. That’s all I know.

Usually, all I can say at that point is, “Huh.” Now, we all have our biases. We all have things we know that we generally like. Given the choice, I’d probably choose a Heil mic over another most of the time. But if someone shows up with a new mic I’ve not used before, I’ll give it a shot. In fact, that’s how I discovered Heil. I had never heard of them five years ago, but someone showed up with a box full, and we gave them a try.

Try New Things

Alton Brown used to say, “Play with your food!” I tend to agree. Try new things. You never know what’s going to happen. Just because you’ve been doing something the same way for the last 10 years doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Talk to someone else and see if you can learn something from them.

I’m convinced that one of the reasons our stage is so efficient is because I’ve stolen ideas from a lot of smart people over the last 10 years. Every time I visit a church or talk with another TD, I try to pick out something that I can learn from them. It’s amazing how much you will know if you just talk with other people.

Take Ideas From Unexpected Sources

Read more: Think Different


Get a FREE PRM1 Microphone Until June 30, 2014!

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If you’ve had your eyes (and ears) on the StudioLive AI digital mixers, now’s a great time to buy, as you’ll get the PRM1 measurement microphone along with it—a $100 value! Saving money is great and all—but what’s so special about the PRM1?

Glad you asked.

The PRM1 is a special type of condenser microphone that provides an accurate reproduction of a room’s sound characteristics. As such, it is ideal for use with audio-analysis tools such as the Smaart real-time analyzers (RTAs) and spectrographs, included with the mixer’s Virtual StudioLive-AI software. This allows you to shoot the room for troublesome acoustic headaches that are specific to the venue, dial in the right EQ to compensate, and get a head-start on your high-quality mix. You can then save the scene to VSL-AI, so the next time you visit the venue, you don’t have to start from square one all over again.

The PRM1 more than pays for itself in saved time—but that’s really not an issue here, since it’s free and all. Click here to get the required form. Don’t forget to save your receipt!

Click here for more information about StudioLive and/or to order today. 


Spring Clearance - Part 1

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It's time to make room in the warehouse!  For the next few weeks, we'll pick a line and offer clearance deals on specific in-stock products.  All are limited quantities, some are discontinued (but new with full warranty). 

This week, it's Line 6 and Sanyo.  We have a handful of items that are fully new, fully warranted, and that we're offering huge discounts on.  We have digital mixers, wireless microphone systems, subwoofers, and video projectors. 

All at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere - for new equipment sold by an authorized dealer. 

What we have are the following - prices are limited to these quantities only.  Prices include freight. 

Line 6 Pro Audio Equipment


1     Line 6 M20D Digital Mixer (the most user-friendly digital mixer around)  Was $2499, Now $1499

4     Line 6 StageSource L3S Subwoofer (1200W, 2x12" compact subwoofer - perfect for youth rooms and small clubs)  Was $1199, Now $949

Read a user review on the Line 6 M20D and Stagesource speakers here.  

2  1   Line 6 XD-V70HS Headset System (dual-ear microphone, rock-solid digital radio, heavy-duty metal construction, 2-year warranty)   Was $579, Now $429

Sanyo Projectors: 

And if you need a spare LCD projector, call right now, and grab one of these fast.  Since you can hardly buy a new projector lamp (bulb) for these prices, these will be the first items sold.  I can almost guarantee it.  Don't be indecisive.  Seriously.  Both machines offer a full 3-year warranty. 


1     Sanyo PLC-XD2600 LCD Projector 2600 ANSI Lumens XGA     $379.00  -- SOLD (in less than 5 minutes)

1     Sanyo PLC-XK2200 LCD Projector 2200 ANSI Lumens XGA     $349.00  (not available for sale online, since we have just one, click here for more info from Sanyo's website)

Call now!!


Slate Projection Screen - Now Shipping!

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Did you ever wonder why the color black doesn't look very black when you look at your projection screen?  The truth is that the darkest part of the picture can only be as dark as the darkest part of the screen at any given light level, and when you start with white or grey fabric, it's pretty hard to get a nice, dark black in a well-lighted room.  White and grey screens are as good at reflecting ambient light as they are at reflecting the projected image, so the colors simply wash out. 

Screen Innovations was founded to fill the void and to make better projection a reality.  With Slate, you'll get 65% ambient light rejection from all sides.  Compare that to less than 15% from a typical high-end white or grey screen (even less from basic screens or a painted wall).  The result is richer color, improved perceived brightness, and very likely the need for projectors that are less expensive. 

Made in the USA, Slate™ is a flexible multi-particle optical screen offered in standard sizes up to 200” 16:9; larger sizes are available on request.  Please call us for more information on how Slate can be integrated into your presentation or worship space. 


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What others say

Had a chance to hook up and listen to the speakers last night. They sound phenomenal in the room and hopefully will sound every bit as good once we get them mounted.

Thank you so much for your help. Based on the sound and considering the price we paid, I feel like I stole something.

Philip McCorkle