Tech21 SansAmp Character Series Blonde - Great Tone, No Amp Required

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Tech21 SansAmp Character Series Blonde

by Jacob Roberts

OK, let's just say I am skeptical of any guitar pedal that proposes to emulate tubes and/or sound like any particular amp. It's a bit gimmicky to me. So I have to say my first choice regarding a new pedal would not have been the Tech 21 Blonde. However, after hearing the buzz surrounding the entire Tech 21 Character series I decided to give the Blonde pedal a try and am most happy I did.

First of all, I can't get over the amount of power in each knob. Truly, each knob does something from 0 to 10... you hear it. That means I have been able to dial in tones ... unique tones at that... to my liking, and with extreme precision. I have no idea what the "Character" knob really does, but I sure like where it takes me.

As a result, I have been able to dial in the most warm and fat R&B tone one could ask for and then grit the thing out like a 70's Bassman. Recently, I set up this pedal to be a lead boost... but not just any lead boost. Many times when you introduce some level of lead boost for sustain and volume you get an unwanted sizzle along with it. The Blonde has given me the warm sustained "buttery" lead tone with harmonic character that I have desired for years to go with my Marshall.

A friend of mine leads a large praise and worship band where he runs the Blonde pedal direct and raves about the results. I have actually done the same, and can attest the sound translates very well. In other words, I could easily do a gig without an amp.

And if you need more information or desire to add one of the Blonde pedals to your rig, please call 800-747-7301 or visit our online store now