RSS M-48 Personal Mixing System Live on NAACP Image Awards

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The 2010 NAACP Image Awards were broadcast on FOX on February 26 live from The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, with audio production services provided by ATK Audiotek of Valencia, CA.

image_awards_04_smThe live band was lead by Rickey Minor and consisted of drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keys, three background vocalists and a 5-piece horn section.  Each musician had their own M-48 Personal Mixer providing fully personalized control to their in-ear monitors or headphones.

For the Image Awards Band, the RSS by Roland M-48s were used as an extension of the normal monitor position with the lead and front-line singers on wedges and the band on personal mixers. The M-48 system is designed so the monitor engineer can still be in control of everything including an individual’s personal mixer if necessary.

image_awards_01_smAndres Arango, staff engineer for ATK commented, “At first we went with the typical setup where the musicians used the personal mixer for communication, click track, along with support from floor wedges – but after the horn section heard themselves through their M-48s, especially with the reverb ability, we took away the wedges and they went on in-ears alone.”

The unique part of the M-48 system is that each personal monitor can view up to 40 sources. Each musician can be setup to arrange the sources in any way they want - single, stereo or grouped. In this case, the drummer had kick, snare, hit, and tom stems spread out over many stereo groups, then a vocal and horn stem.  All sources were individually controllable on his M-48 unit so he could get the exact mix he wanted. The horn and vocal sections simply had a single drum stem, and other band/horn/vocal sources on their own M-48s with their own "more me" control.

image_awards_05In addition, each musician controlled their own reverb, limiter and EQ via their own M-48 if they so desired. All sources came through the monitor board first so basic level EQ and compression could be applied as required by the monitor engineer. Each M-48 is supplied power and 40 channels of audio via a single Cat5e cable making cable management very clean and easy to install.

Andres concludes, “The band loved this new M-48 setup so much that we’re planning on using it on a number of other projects moving forward.”


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