Aviom introduces the A360 - the personal mixer than lots of us have been waiting for.

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Anaheim, CA - Aviom introduces the long-awaited A360.  More info here.

* Advanced 36-channel mix engine
* Customizable channel selection and layout
* Per-channel volume, reverb, tone, Stereo Placement
* Dual Profile Channel
* One-Touch Ambience
* Four Instant Mix Recalls plus 16 standard presets
* Master Bass, Treble, and Enhance
* 1/4" and 1/8" Stereo Mix Out, plus XLR Mono Mix Out
* USB profile transfer
* Optimized for in-ear monitors and headphones

Call us for more info.  We're still awaiting actual pricing at press time. 


Welcome Church Tech Arts readers!

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Thank you for clicking through our ad on Church Tech Arts!

If you're not familiar with us, that's okay. We first met Mike Sessler about three years ago when he needed some Heil microphones. We're big fans of Heil mics and we do our best to keep our eyes peeled for products that make great solutions.

Over time, we've come to find out that we share lots of the same preferences in equipment with Mike and his team, so we were thrilled when he asked us if he could introduce our company to you via an advertisement on the Church Tech Arts site.

(While I'm thinking about it, make sure to sign up for our email list in the upper part of the left navigation. Every couple weeks, we feature new products, special deals and relevant articles. We won't load up your email box and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

Technology for Worship is what we do. Audio, video and lighting. If it's part of your worship service, and it has to do with technology, we can probably help.

Our clients come in all sizes.
A couple have 20,000 attendance and multiple venues, some have 5000 attendance and three or four campuses, most are 100-500 with a single campus and one or two staff people. A couple of our multi-site clients have multiple small campuses and a call to reach rural America.

To the solo pastor or worship staff person, we're often his or her tech director. To the tech director or weekend volunteer, we hope to be a trusted resource and a source of ideas when it comes to solutions. For a few clients, we help with project planning and with long-term equipment standardization plans.

The way we hope to be different from other dealers is that we bring a broad level of knowledge and a curious spirit to the audio, video, and lighting equation.

Anyone can ship you a microphone, or a projector, but few thrive on helping you discover new products and can help you know what to expect when a new product is integrated into an existing system.

Since we talk with lots of people, it's not unusual for us to know someone who has been right where you are. The issues of product selection, proper integration, and even volunteer management aren't unique to you, and we're happy to help you connect with others.

Our website will never be as deep with products as larger companies, but if you don't see it, there's a very good chance that we sell it.  But we're not really a typical online company.

We work hard to answer every phone call live. And the guys answering the phones have managed installation projects, pulled wire, terminated cables, flown speakers, designed systems, and helped people just like you to make technology work.

Whether you need help with a solution and don't know quite what you need, or if you simply need another resource for products and ideas, please call us anytime.

Some of the things we like – earsets from DPA, Countryman, and Que Audio; speakers from Electro-Voice, JBL, Community and Danley Sound Labs; microphones from Heil, Audix, Earthworks, or Sennheiser; digital mixers from Midas, Roland, Presonus, and Behringer; analog mixers from Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, and Mackie; video gear from BlackMagic Design, Kramer, AJA, Softron, Livestream, Marshall, Roland, and FSR; personal mixing systems from Elite Core, Roland and Aviom; in-ears from Shure, Audio-Technica and Westone; DI's from Radial, BSS, and Rapco; cables from Whirlwind, Rapco and CBI; stands from K&M and Ultimate Support; projectors from Panasonic, Eiki, Christie and Barco; cameras from Sony, Panasonic and BlackMagic Design; accessories from Chief, Peerless, Ansmann, Clearsonic, Middle Atlantic and Raxxess; screens from Da-Lite and Draper; recorder/players from Tascam, Denon and Marantz; processing from DBX, Symetrix, BSS, and Biamp; wireless systems from Audio-Technica, Shure, Line 6 and Sennheiser; lighting from Leviton, Chauvet, ETC, Blizzard, and Mega Systems; and amplifiers from Crown, QSC and Lab Gruppen. There are plenty more, but that'll give you an idea of who we are.

We're based in Columbus, OH and work with people from all over the country.  We occasionally send something to Japan, Canada, Europe, Africa or Australia, too.  And we're as likely to get a call from a church in Orange County, California as we are from Ohio.

We want to be a resource for you.  If we look like your kind of company, sign up for our email list or give us a call. 

Dave Horn
(800) 747-7301


Chief rolls out new Fusion Series carts

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Chief’s brand-new FUSION Carts for flat panel displays are now available. With rounded edges and a sleek, professional look, the mobile cart fits well in a variety of environments. The flexible new height adjustment system allows a single user to easily raise and lower the screen to any height between 50 and 70 inches (127-177 cm). The carts accommodate 40-71 inch displays and are available in black or silver, from $899.95 delivered


Introducing ProPresenter Cloud

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Now you can edit and share presentations and content from anywhere you have Internet access and ProPresenter 5. This exciting new feature offers incredible convenience. If church staff want to work on services at home or in the office without the hassle of exporting and transferring their presentations, they can now do so easily.

With this annual subscription service, what you create and upload at home or the office will automatically be downloaded to your presentation machines. This is also a great solution for deploying content and presentations to multiple locations. You can set up presentations on one machine and they will automatically be distributed to all ProPresenter systems signed in to that account. 

For more information, click here.


A Total Paradigm Shift in Live Sound Reinforcement

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Comprised of a StageScape™ M20d smart mixing system and StageSource™ loudspeakers, the Dream Stage combines several breakthrough technological advancements into one powerful system—so you can experience sound in a whole new way.

From October 1December 31, 2012, you can save $150 per StageSource loudspeaker (limit 10 per customer)—and up to $1,700 on the Dream Stage.

When you network StageScape M20d with StageSource loudspeakers via L6 LINK™, the integrated system makes it fast and easy to get great live sound. Whether you need a single loudspeaker or a multi-speaker Dream Stage system, there’s never been a better time to invest in Line 6 live sound solutions.

Read more: A Total Paradigm Shift in Live Sound Reinforcement


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What others say

I just want you to know that I appreciate you always being there for me for those (wow, has it really been) 17 years!

I do know I can come to you for all of my equipment and accessory needs, and take your recommendations, and know that I will get a great product and a great price.  That does save an incredible amount of time and frustration!

There are some times when I have shopped around, but even then I never get better service, and rarely, if ever, find better prices.

Thanks for all you do!

Wayne Young, Riverside, CA