Heil Sound PR-35 Large Diaphragm Vocal Microphone

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Heil Sound PR-35 Large Diaphragm Vocal Microphone

pr35_7Made in the USA, the PR-35 (made with the same capsule as the PR-30 that we liked so well for choir, drum overheads, and guitar amplifier) was introduced to the world during the 2008 Super Bowl. Fox Sports received 5 of the first 6 available for use with the broadcasters. We received microphones #7-12. I know that the Super Bowl use by the TV announcers doesn’t sound super impressive if you’re a music guy, but let’s step back.

Why did Fox Sports pick the PR-35? First, let me tell you that the PR-35 has an extra dimension of depth not found in other microphones. I’m not talking about bass. I’m talking about that “something special” that’s hard to describe. It’s what makes a voice jump out of the mix without tearing your head off. It’s what makes you smile when you hear it. The PR-35’s huge diaphragm adds both warmth and punch, along with spectacular presence.

I think that as much as great sound, Fox likes the fact that the PR-35 has the top-notch rear rejection. What does that mean? It means that the PR-35 is able to keep ambient noise out, isolating only the voice of the user.

Many cardioid microphones claim rear isolation, but in reality don’t perform well. Imagine the Super Bowl – the roar of the crowd, the noise of the PA announcer, the action everywhere. Imagine trying to hear Terry Bradshaw’s voice clearly without all of the background din. In a music setting, imagine not picking up the monitors or the reflection from the front of the balcony or the guitar amplifier.

With the PR-35, there’s virtually no feedback, even in high volume, high energy settings. The PR-35 has a three-position bass roll-off switch, and I recommend that you start with the middle setting. The PR-35 is a little boomy for most people’s taste when flat. So, you’ll have to experiment with what you think is best for you.

If you have a special vocalist (maybe your worship leader or a soloist) or a whole group of special vocalists, try it. My recommendation is to get one.  Use it next to what you’re using now. You’ll be hard-pressed to go back.

One of my clients and I have compared the PR-35 to lots of other microphones over the past couple weeks, and the results have been not unexpected, but very pleasing. We’ve compared the PR-35 to microphones of others at the price points of $99.95, $119.95, $159.95, and others up to $699. We found that the PR-35 was generally preferred to even the $699 microphone and that it blew the other brands away. There is truly a difference.

The Heil PR-35 is $249.95, so it’s not cheap. When you feel it, look at it, and hear it, you’ll know that you have a well-built tool in your hand. I’m confident in the PR-35 – so confident in fact, that if you don’t like it, I’ll take it back.

How will you know whether the PR-35 is for you? Ask yourself, “Does it sound like a great product?” What I’d like you to do is to read our descriptions (which you’ve already done). That’s step #1. Step #2 is to consider your budget. Ask yourself, “Is this a product that I can afford based on my needs (if it does what it’s supposed to do)?” Step #3 is to order it.

When you get it, use it. If you don’t agree with our assessment, you can return it. It’s fairly simple.

The Heil Sound PR-35 Large Diaphragm Vocal Microphone. $274.00

In stock for immediate shipment. Try it.  You won’t want to send it back.