DPA d:fine Earset Microphone - dual ear update

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In just a couple weeks, we should be receiving the first batch of dual ear versions of d:fine omni mics.  The dual ear d:fine directional version will likely be shipping by mid-june.  Also, the short omni boom versions of the d:fine should be available by end of June.

For those of you who already have a d:fine mic, or wish to purchase a current single ear version, you will be able to simply purchase a "dual ear mount" accessory which can convert the single ear to a dual ear in a couple of seconds.

If a mic is ordered in the dual ear version, it will come with the dual ear mount. Ordered as a single ear, it will come with the single ear mount.  Dual-to-single mount accessories will also be available. 

You should purchase the version of a d:fine that you will use the majority of the time. At any time, you can add the dual ear or single ear accessory.

You can have the d:fine headset any way you want it. The d:fine is the most versatile, comfortable, reliable, and best sounding headset available today.

Keep in mind that every part of the d:fine headsets are easily replaceable. Ear mounts, cable assemblies, and adapters can always be replaced -- affordably. A d:fine headset is a lifetime investment. It isn't to be thrown away if it's a little "bent out of shape."

For wireless use, know that wireless adapters are available for nearly every kind of wireless, and that hardwired versions are available for Sennheiser 1/8" mini type belt packs (Evolution series), Sennheiser 3 pin Lemo compatible belt packs, Shure TA4F compatible belt packs, and Lectrosonics TA5F compatible belt packs.

If you have a question, please feel free to call.  To take a look at our currently-stocked DPA d:fine microphones, click here.  And if you'd like to try one, please let us know.  We stock demo models so that you can hear the difference for yourself.