Already Have a Projector?

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Already have a projector?  You can still do wireless motion video!

Leave it to Gefen to come up with something to make your day, too.  Their new Wireless VGA Extender LR allows a VGA display or projector to be conveniently located up to 100 feet away from the source – and it supports motion video!  This wasn’t possible just a few months ago. 

The Wireless VGA Extender LR features line-of-sight signal transmission and through walls at resolutions of up to 1280x1024, using industry-proven 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Wireless network technology. The Extender can be operated on any one of 4 channels to minimize interference.

How It Works

This product is a plug-and-play solution.  No special configuration is necessary. No video format limitations. The Wireless VGA Extender LR system consists of a Sender and a Receiver. The Sender is connected to the VGA source with a VGA cable. The Receiver is connected to the display with a VGA cable. 12V external power supplies are connected to the Sender and the Receiver.

Also Note

Supported A/V input sources also include Component, S-Video and Composite Video. A/V sources can be individually selected by pressing the Source Selector button on the front panel of either the Sender unit or the Receiver unit. The current wireless channel can be selected in the same way with the Channel Selector button.

In short, the Wireless VGA Extender LR supports composite, component, S-video or VGA inputs converting to either component video or VGA at the output.     

If you already have a projector that you’d like, you can add wireless motion video functionality to your existing system for just $559.95 including shipping.  And you can use a wide variety of input sources making your wireless life more fun and even easier. 

Gefen Wireless VGA Extender LR      $559.95 – shipping included! 

P.S.  There are some frame-rate limitations for Full HD (1080P) and ultra-high resolution computer signals.  Call if you have questions.