Panasonic PT-RZ570 - 24/7 Workhorse, perfect for churches and business use.

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It's not the least expensive 5000 lumen laser projector, but if you're interested in a 100% maintenance-free projector for your church, restaurant, school or business, look no further.  The Panasonic PT-RZ570 features a sealed light engine and no need for filter cleanings, and lamp or bulb changes.  It's totally maintenance-free.  And the video quality is impressive. 

The PT-RZ570 has become the projector of choice for corporate-owned Buffalo Wild Wings stores because it can operate all day, every day while providing an exceptional picture.  BWW pairs these projectors with Da-Lite's new Parallax projection screen material for ultimate viewing angle and ambient light rejection.  If you've been in a BWW restaurant and have noticed screens that appear to be as bright as the smaller televisions beside them, that combination of PT-RZ570 and Parallax at 58x104" is what you're looking it. 

In addition to exceptional video performance with great contrast and shadow details, the BWW franchise owners that we work with also don't have to worry about doing maintenance, someone being injured while doing maintenance and/or spending the time of the manager or owner (the only people most stores allow to climb a ladder - or do something silly like standing on a bar stool).

There's a certain comfort and focus to knowing that your projector can run 24/7 if it has to and for 20,000 hours.  In most settings, you won't get anywhere near the 20,000 hour life of the optical engine with just several hours per week of use.  And that's 20,000 hours to half brightness, not to actual end of life.  

We're finding the Panasonic PT-RZ570 a perfect fit for churches, corporate and educational settings that desire full 1080P laser projector performance, and the ease of set-and-forget technology.  We have a very special price on the PT-RZ570 at $3699 in black or white.