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DPA Headworn Mics - how will it work for me?

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"How will it work for me?" Isn't that the question we really ask when we're buying something, especially something we buy without trying it first.

We've all been disappointed by unmet expectations and products that turn out to be too-good-to-be-true. Well, the DPA d:fine won't be one of them. Unfortunately, it's not for everyone.

Those of you who know us know that there are certain products that we believe in 100%. Many of them are featured on our site. What you may not know is that we have demo stock of certain products so that you can try them with your system.

We've sold thousands of earsets over the years, and the earset itself has revolutionized the quality of the spoken word. The DPA d:fine (pronounced just like the word define), along with its cousins, the 4088 and 4066, are re-defining the standard for performance and quality among earset microphones.

We're excited to announce...

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Better Drum Sounds - the basics

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Chapter One in a series of videos on how to mic up drums using your Audix microphones featuring Mike Snyder, drum clinician and Dean K, Kink.FM audio engineer. This introductory chapter also features Mike Snyder's "Microphone Terminology 101"

If you have questions about how to get better drum sounds, or would like more information about Audix microphones, please give us a call at 800-747-7301. Keep an eye of for the next episode of How to Mic Up Your Drums in just a few days.


Doing More with Less

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Editor's note:  This is the first in a series of two articles by regular contributor Mike Sessler from  It's called "Doing More with Less."  The followup article is called "Doing Less with Less."  Interesting thoughts.  We think that you'll appreciate what Mike has to say. 


by Mike Sessler,

This is a topic that many of us in the tech world are dealing with these days. We are continually asked to do more with less. This is common problem, and can perpetuate a cycle that will burn us out if we try to actually do it. Over the years, I’ve been in three churches that started off great, and quickly turned into a “Hey, you’re doing a great job, so now you need to do 2x as much with 1/3 the resources.”

To keep from working ourselves to death, we need to learn to delegate.

The trick is getting started. How do we decide what to "farm out." What jobs can I reasonably expect a volunteer to do, and what jobs to I need to keep on my plate. Though you may find yourself in a similar position of demands exceeding your ability to meet them, your answers may well differ from mine. Part of the process is to determine...

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DPA DFine Mic - First Thoughts

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by Mike Sessler,

I can honestly say I’ve been waiting for this mic for almost two years. I first met Bruce Meyers, then President of DPA, US at WFX in 2009. I had been a huge fan of the 4088 and 4066, and desperately wanted to move our pastor off of the e6 to a DPA. However, he didn’t like dual-ear designs and wouldn’t wear one. When I talked with Bruce about that, he said they were working on a solution and it would be ready when it was right. Right as defined by those fanatical Danes who make the mics.

Well, it took them almost two years, but they did it. They came up with a single ear mic that is not only more secure than almost any single ear design out there, it’s also more comfortable and less obtrusive. And it has the same great DPA sound we know and love. At least that’s what we were told. I was anxious to try one.

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