Roland V-Mixer iPad App Available in October

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OS upgrades are often fraught with difficulty, and you generally don't know that you have a problem until it's too late.  This time, we have a heads up for you! 

The existing Roland M-480, M-300, and M-200i Remote iPad applications in the iTunes store are not 100% functional with iOS7 - which is launching Sept.18, so don't update your iPad to iOS7 until the Roland update is released. Updates are prepared and should be available sometime in October.

Known Issues M-480 and M-300 Remote:

• Not able to edit and store a scene. The window will come up but you will not be able to edit the name. If you press "OK" the new scene will be stored but with the existing name.

Known Issues M-200i Remote:

• Can not store scenes.
• Can not edit the name of the following parameters on channels (Input, Bus, DCA, Mute Group.)
• Can not store or edit a name in the library.
• Can not edit the name of songs in the USB Memory Recorder section.
• Song names do not appear or are not selectable.

I'm often first in line for updates and new features, and we've heard great things about iOS7 in general, but it'll be best to wait until Roland releases the new App version prior to taking the plunge.  If you have questions, please feel free to call.