Do you believe in coincidence?

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Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.20.12 PMAt the risk of sounding overdramatic, I don't, and I'm never surprised at the way things work out.  

A couple years ago, we got an email from the Ohio sales representative for Electro-voice.  He wanted to know if we wanted to buy about 20 discontinued speakers for really deep discount.  If no one bought them, they were going into the crusher, literally.  

The challenge was that there were one or two of this and that, and four of another, and just one of several.  I asked the sales rep we wouldn't want them, and his response was "Exactly!"  So we ordered all of them.  

The short story is that all but one of those speakers found a home, and we were able to provide them at as much as 90% off regular prices.  And I wasn't surprised a bit.  

Well.  Lighting must strike twice.  Toward the end of 2014, the EV rep emailed again.  In an email to all of its dealers, the company announced that it was moving warehouses and that it would be liquidating a large portion of its inventory, first come, first served.  

Right away, we bought some speakers that we knew we could sell.  A couple weeks later, we got another email asking us to "make an offer", so we offered and were able to buy some more at lower prices.  Another week or so later, the final list came out.  The accompanying message was that anything that was left would either be moved or crushed, and it requested final offers.  So we offered lower again.

We've sold some of the half semi-truck that we received and we still have what's listed below.   At up to 80% off, I believe that we have exactly what some of you need to finish a project at your budget.  We have several of the ETX powered loudspeakers which are the best we've heard in the price range.  Other manufacturers may not like that we've proclaimed that, but none have stepped forward for a shootout.  We have touring grade monitors for about 80% off, assistive listening transmitters for $199 and more.  Click the link below.  

 Anything with a "-B" denotes a factory repack or open box.  We expect that these are trade show stock.  All is warranted as new.  If something is not listed as B, it is new.

Due to the limited quantity nature of this offer, none of this is listed online at our site or on Amazon or Google Shopping.  This is a deal for you, so if you're interested, please give us a call.  

All speakers are black color, unless noted otherwise.  

3  ETX-12P-B 12" 2-Way Powered Speaker    $1199 New   $959 each - Repack

5  ETX-15P-B  15" 2-Way Powered Speaker       $1299 New   $1039 each - Repack

2  ETX-18SP-B  18" Powered Subwoofer    $1499 New   $1199 each - Repack  SOLD

2  ETX-35P-B  15" 3-Way Powered Speaker        $1499 New   $1199 each - Repack

8  6  EVF-1152D66 15" 2-Way Install Speaker 2" exit HF 60x60 HF pattern        $2467 New         $1727 each

2  EVF-1152D99 15" 2-Way Install Speaker 2" exit HF 90x90 HF pattern  – SOLD        $2467 New         $1727 each

2  EVF-1151S Single 15" Subwoofer        $1545 New    $1082 each

1  CPS2.12II-B Power Amplifier – SOLD

2  DC-One-B 2x6 System Processor – 1 SOLD, 1 LEFT  $980 New    $672 each - Repack

4  QRX212/75-W 2-Way Double 12" 2-Way 75x50HF White – SOLD  OUT!        $2007 New      $1150 each   
(discontinued model in white)

1  TX1122FM-B 12" 2-Way Floor Monitor        $847        $445 each - Repack

4  XW12A-B 12" Bi-amp Monitor         $2987 New         $850 each -- 71% off! - Repack

2  Telex ST-300 17-channel Assistive Listening Transmitter Only        $723 new    $199 each -- 72% off!
(we can also sell individual receivers and ear-buds to make a complete system, great if you just need to add one transmitter for language translation)

1  FRX+640  15" High Output 2-Way        $2070        $400  (the lone leftover from the 2012 purchase -- 80% off!)

If you need speakers for an installation project, a super high-quality powered portable system, some really high-end stage monitors, or an assistive listening transmitter, please call right away.  

We'll continue to update the available quantities as we sell these items, and we expect that all of this will find a good home, and maybe just make your day.