Better, Brighter, Cheaper from Panasonic - great for you!

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In 2013, you can afford a lot more technology for worship than you could at any time in the past.  With overseas manufacturing and competitive pressures, prices seem to drift steadily lower.  That's great for you, the customer, since your dollars go further. 

By now, virtually every church in the US has a video projector, or two, or more.  We rarely get a call from a church planning for its first projector.  The calls are generally 2nd or 3rd upgrades and often to wide format projectors to better accommodate HD signals.  And the price keeps dropping.  Just like computers, you can generally spend the same amount of money year in and year out to get a mid-range projector, but this year's models are generally brighter and better at the same price point.  Again, good news for you. 

So far, 2013 has been a quiet year for projectors.  There just hasn't been much new equipment yet.  For the most part, we're offering the same lineup of projectors that we were at this time last year, and they're neither better nor cheaper.  That makes Bill, our web guy, happy since he has to keep the site updated with new gear and pricing.  It doesn't make for exiting headlines and articles to grab your attention though, and that's what we like to shout about. 

Finally, Panasonic decided to step in with an update to its lineup with the release of the new PT-VW440U and PT-VX510U.

These are portable projectors, but they work superbly for small-medium installations.  At 4800 and 5500 lumens respectively, these machines should be considered for your next project.  They don't have interchangeable lenses or built in edge blending and warping, but they're plenty bright for larger single screens up to 10-12' wide (depending on the amount of ambient light in the room) and feature HDMI and XGA inputs.  These fall somewhere between the ultraportable and installation classes of projectors, and we think that they present a tremendous value.  We retrofitted a fellowship hall just yesterday with a PT-VX510U on a 9x12' screen and the client raved about the upgrade. 

Please contact us for more information, or feel free to order online or over the phone.  We have these in stock.  Click here for more info (or to order) the PT-VX510U or here for the PT-VW440U